Now, wardrobes. The thing we see daily, often the second after the bathroom. So our mood by the time we get to it is often still quite sombre. We are rarely jumping for joy when we spring out of bed, especially if we know we are opening our wardrobe to unorganised chaos.

So, if any of the following statements apply, you need to cleanse your wardrobe:

  1. I can’t see the back of my wardrobe.

  2. Items are piled on top of one another in no order.

  3. The items at the bottom have dust on them.

  4. I have forgotten what is in there.

  5. My winter/summer/pregnancy clothes are all mixed up.

  6. I am keeping things for when I lose weight.

  7. I haven’t worn it for years, but it is expensive so I can’t throw it.

  8. I wore it on our first date.

  9. I wore it when I was 16.

  10. None of my hangers are identical.

I would say in pretty much all of the homes I visit, at least 5 of these things apply, if not more.

Now listen, and listen carefully. I am going to be brutal. Because the reason you are here is that you need that kick. If you can’t face me standing next to you doing this, then you have to listen and follow my advice.

  1. Empty the entire contents of the wardrobe onto your bed/floor – anywhere but the wardrobe.

  2. Clean it.

  3. Now put it back.

Ok, that is not quite it. What do you put back and how? Let’s start again.

  1. Buy the correct hangers before any of this and make sure they are there before you even start to detox (find the link to the best hangers in my storage blog below).

  2. Like always, pick a day that is interrupted where you can purely focus on this. No interruptions. You need to do this alone. Not even with the bestie/mum/partner, unless he/she is the type who is ruthless and will help you. We don’t need people who say you looked great in that when you know you didn’t – she/he is just being nice. Those people can stay at home today.

  3. Empty the entire contents of the wardrobe so you are left with a shell.

  4. Clean it thoroughly. The chances of you ever doing this again in another 6 months or a year is highly unlikely, so clean it well.

  5. Now, slowly work through the pile to reduce it with this in mind.


  • You didn’t wear last season (not 5 years ago like someone said to me the other day).

  • Has holes/stains/is faded beyond the point of wearable.

  • You’re saving because you wore it on your first date etc… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • You are waiting to lose weight (most common answer – I am telling you that anyone who loses a load of weight will go shopping for new clothes because you feel so amazing, and by the time you get round to losing this weight, the clothes you had will be the wrong style, shape, fit anyway). Reward yourself with new things.

  • It’s too expensive – so sell it! Generally, nothing will ever get you your full money back, but if it makes you feel better, there are so many sites and companies that resell luxury items (I will be talking about where best to re-sell them later). Anything you spent less than £50 on you may as well car boot or donate, people just don’t pay the money you want for things and it will only make you mad. Give it to to charity, to a women’s/men’s refuge. Knowing it has gone to a good place will make the money lost worthwhile.

  • If it doesn’t make you feel amazing when you put it on, it should not be in your wardrobe.

  • Does it bring you happiness? IF NOT, get it out.

Your pile should now be reduced to a minimal amount, at least by half. We hoard clothes that we have no emotion about, no feelings for and that we simply just haven’t had the time to dispose of.

Fashion nowadays for many is so throwaway. Gone are the days of saving a huge amount and going on a spree. We can buy a new top each week, each day, and not notice because fashion is far more affordable. But what that means for our wardrobes is we forget to replace and recycle as we go. We are busy, I know that. But our wardrobes suffer because of it and as a result, we just pile cheap clothes on top of cheap clothes and the luxury items we had go to the back or get forgotten. The capsule wardrobe we once had disappears.

Learning to live with less is a challenge. But one I feel is worth trying.

Start buying quality over quantity. Buy the throwaway items,  but know they are exactly that. Wear them a few times and get them gone. In the most environmentally conscious way, of course.

Learn to build a capsule wardrobe and upgrade your everyday items, like your jeans, handbags and shoes, so you can mix and match the cheaper, less noticeable staples.

If you proclaim to be a shoe lover, yet your shoes are piled in the bottom of your wardrobe along with the handbags you also say you love, then I don’t believe you really are a shoe lover or bag lover.

People who love their fashion, really love their fashion, who take pride in their appearance and who look after their clothes, will store them immaculately.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to look good, but you can look after your clothes well.

Hang them with space, on the right hangers. On identical hangers. Roll your jeans. Hang your skirts. Iron your shirts. And line your shoes up, even if it’s at the bottom or top of your wardrobe. Do not have them piled upon one another. EVER.

If you cannot fit your clothes and shoes in your wardrobe after this, you need to be even more ruthless. Or move house and buy an extra bedroom and turn it into a walk-in wardrobe, or convert the loft. Do something. Create space.

If it is important to you, you will do it.


P.S. It is fine to use wooden hangers, IF YOU HAVE SPACE. They just take up triple the room. If you are trying to save space, replace them with felt.