Now, people. Why do we insist on just throwing our books on shelves in no orderly fashion? What happens? And why do we then just put other random items on said shelf like a half used Pritt Stick, maybe some mail, old tealights (no holders)… the list goes on.  I know you have done it, I’ve seen it.

I am not sure if you have noticed, but bookshelves are open spaces with just a bottom. There is no cupboard surrounding it, so people can see it from every angle. This, therefore, tells you that it needs to be clear, tidy and neat. With only the bare minimum on it.

Bookshelves look amazing colour-coded, but only if you have 20 books.

This fad of colour-coding books is amazing,  but… if you are a serious bookworm and have hundreds of books, don’t even begin to do this, unless you have 100 books in one genre by one author. It makes absolutely NO SENSE to file in this way. You spend forever looking for a book that you could have found in 5 seconds if filed correctly.

So… keep your shelves orderly. If they’re in your kitchen, and they are just kitchen books, by all means file them in colour to make them look pretty – think the rainbow and work to that scheme. Whatever works for you, it takes a lot of playing around.

When organising books on a proper bookshelf, organise them in authors, in genres, in alphabetical order, whatever makes sense. How would you find that book?  It needs to make sense to you.

Make it pretty, but make it work.  Add some ornaments to the top of the pile, as per my picture. Make the shelf shelfie-worthy. Send me a pic when you have. Before and after, OBVS.

Dilly CarterComment