I love containers, of course I do. But why?

Why are we suddenly feeling the need to put everything in a box inside every cupboard?

Be it the fridge, kitchen cupboards or wardrobes, everything I organise is generally neater when contained.

9/10 cupboards I organise in kitchens have too much stuff, everything is piled on top of one another and in no order.

Is this you? Do you forget what you have bought and then go and buy more only to find duplicates tucked at the back?

Multiple brands of pasta/flours/sugars and protein powders are always overflowing in people’s cupboards – these are the first items that need to be sorted.

When our cupboards are crammed to the brim we cannot see what we have, so we buy unnecessarily and excessively, thinking we need multiple items that we already have.

Having your kitchen organised will save you TIME and MONEY.

Making your cupboards and fridges easy to navigate will mean you very quickly know when things have run out or are running low. We aren’t constantly wondering or searching through rows and stacks of jars or bags of multiple pasta types.

By placing items inside containers we can pull the container out and see clearly what is inside. It also (hopefully) helps us limit what we buy. If it doesn’t fit inside it, we are only buying what we need. Things won’t be overflowing or spilling out.

So when organising your cupboards, here are a few tips:


  • Buy fridge containers from Wilko or Amazon: buy 4-6 (for the fridge) to start and that should be enough. They can be different depths and sizes, it depends on what you are putting inside them. When you go online you will see images so choose what suits the items inside your fridge.

  • Source larger/deeper plastic containers for bigger items inside your kitchen cupboards to contain protein powders/biscuits/teas etc. These can be plastic Curver-style containers or whatever you prefer to see. It is your choice.

  • Pasta, sugars and flours are always best in clear plastic or glass jars.

  • Empty every cupboard and pull it all out in one go and start again (this way you really have a good clear-out and can clean inside all the cupboards properly).

  • Now put it all back in, but organised/grouped neatly.

I don’t always use containers for tins, it depends on the cupboard and the size of the kitchen. If they are in a large pantry then basket-style containers can look much neater lined up on the bottom shelves. The containers all have to be identical.

Remember UNIFORM is key, as are multiples when it comes to storage.

The more you buy of the same container the better. Just buying one basket won’t make much difference to the aesthetic of your kitchen. You need to buy multiples if you are going to do this properly. It’s a small investment for a better, much more organised kitchen.

If this all seems like way too much hard work, call me. I will do it in a quarter of the time it will take you.

Happy decluttering!!

Link for containers below. But there are so many all over the place, find what suits your budget, but Wilko is great.


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