Is your wardrobe working for you?   Is it basically one big void, fill to the brim, so full of clothes that you couldn’t even tell me what is in there?

Most peoples are…. because we all overspend and overbuy and rarely re-organise, we certainly don’t even think about what shelves could be added, where the shoes/jumpers /jeans can better be fitted. It just all goes in.

If this is you, then you need to re-think your wardrobe for the next time you move. Or, if you can, replace it and get it designed properly.

A functional wardrobe should be clear, neat and easy to navigate.

So my tips for buying or designing a new wardrobe are simple.

  1. Look in your wardrobe.

  2. Detox it. Get rid of the excess and donate it to charity or sell it onwards.

  3. With the remainder see what you have the most of. Does everything have a place?

If the answer is no? We need to create space for these items in the new wardrobe.

4. Have rails, at least 4. But this depends if you are sharing….

5.Have drawers – with low sides- why not high? because things just get crammed inside them. You need shallow drawers.

6. Have different depths of drawers. So top shallow drawers can fit jewellery, ties, belts etc…

7. Deeper drawers for knits, jeans, sportswear etc…

8. Always try and make an area for shoes, if you are a shoe lover. Keep them on shelves, tilted or just open. Pull out drawers are great if you have the budget to save space.

You do not have to have a huge space to maintain a neat wardrobe. You just need to organise it well and choose your space well.

When looking at what you need in a new wardrobe, think about what you have and make sure you create space for that item.

Just think, if you have 50 pairs of shoes, you need space in your house has to house them. If that isn’t in your wardrobe system you need to create shelves in your room for them or space under the stairs, create a shoe den there.

If you only live in jumpers make sure you have plenty of drawers for them to be neatly folded and stored.

If you live in jeans have lots of deep drawers for them to be rolled or folded.

It all depends on your space. Which unfortunately most of us just aren’t using correctly.

Need help designing your new wardrobes? Walk-in Wardrobes? House?

Need a virtual cleanse so I can help you without being there? Book in now.

Because if you understand the tips but can’t face it alone, I am always here to help.

Happy organising.