If you looked around your kitchen, how many appliances can you count?

Now, how many of them do you actually use?

The problem with appliances is we think we need them all but we end up barely using them.

What do you actually use your microwave for? is it just to heat the odd tin of beans? Can you take it back to just using a pan? Porridge is tastier on the hob, we know this.

Most pans do what a microwave/ George foreman/ slow cooker/ oven do.

Make sure your counter is not appliance heavy. That you only have the basics on the side. Kettle, toaster, if you have to, microwave.

The heavier your counter with appliances the darker your kitchen will appear. Appliances darken the counter and take up space, keep it as clutter free as possible.

If you do have to keep all your appliances, make sure they are low down in cupboards not high up, unless you are limited to space.

Remember , my job is not just to make things look pretty, its to make you think about the space you have in your home and how it can best be utilised.

The clearest, calmest kitchens have as little as possible on the sides.

Keep your sides light and airy where possible. Give yourself space to breathe and a worktop to actually work on.