The summer holidays are here. Say hello to 24/7 chaos.

Everything is pulled out, nothing is being put back, and toys are being unearthed that you didn’t even know they still had. Right? That’s on top of the 100 outfit changes a day and endless washing.

Maybe this isn’t you and you are totes on top of it all and your kids are amazingly tidy and only play with one toy. If this is you, HOORAY! If not? Keep reading!

The best time to clear out kids’ rooms is with them there.

Why? Because, actually, it is more us than them who hoard their toys. We know the financial aspect of what they cost, so we hate to part with them, meaning we store them in black bags in the loft for the next child, the nieces, the nephews, the neighbours… anyone who we think may want our hand-me-downs. Fast forward 10 years and we are wondering why we have no space in our loft/homes because we still have the toys up there we said we would give away and never did and now they are mouldy, damp or full of dust.

Storage in kids rooms doesn’t have to be hideous. There are so many gorgeous things out there. Choose what suits your home and your child.

My advice?

Teach your kids from an early age to donate their toys, that there are other children who really need them. Tell them that they can earn pocket money by organising their things and keeping their rooms tidy and clutter-free, and that by donating their 20 unplayed with or unwanted toys they can make room for one big toy.

Whatever you need to do to convince them, start clearing. Do a car boot sale or sell them on your local town Facebook page. Just stop cluttering your home.

  • Look around their room. Is the storage right? Do they have any organisers for their toys?

  • What do they have the most of? Is it stored correctly?

  • How are you separating all their toys?

  • One toy box is no good unless it is all for soft toys or large items.

  • Buy dividers, linen tubs, storage for inside the toybox. (links on “My Favourite Things”)

  • Make sure you go through all the tiny items, like McDonald’s toys and old party bag sweets and so on. All these non-important bit of tat that clutter their rooms.

  • Go through their winter wardrobes now. Will they fit in this stuff in winter? Or do they need to be donated? (We can clear the summer clothes at the end of summer.)

  • Make sure you have changed all their hangers to felt, not plastic.

  • Make sure all their artwork (that we have to keep, of course) and abstract drawings are put it into one of those large plastic files for art that used in colleges, for example.

Kids are brutally honest, which we love. So they will tell you what they do and don’t want any more. They generally fall out of love with things pretty quickly (and annoyingly!), so we can clear out all the time.

Teaching your kids to be organised from a young age is not obsessive or too much, it’s a life skill. They will thank you when they are in uni and have minimal space to manage and keep clean or have to share with other people. My 4.5 year old knows everything has a place and she hates it when things are mixed up. They learn to love their toys being organised. It makes it easier for them to find things.

Kids like structure, they like routine and they like a challenge, especially if there is a reward at the end of it. Get them to help. It will be an easier job than you think (I hope… really sorry if it actually is horrendous.  EEEKKKKKK!).

Happy organising !