So, the summer holidays are nearing an end. Where have they gone? How are we almost into the last few weeks?! Thank god, I hear many mums cry ( me included ).

If like me, you are definitely not seeing the blazing hot sunshine on repeat for the next few weeks then now is the time to have that clear out, and with this British weather suddenly taking a turn, I feel our days of linen flowing midi- dresses are nearly over.

If you are about to have a holiday, then do this on your return. If doing this after a lovely relaxing break seems like madness, it is. But so is going into the new school term, into Autumn, in chaos with a wardrobe crammed of unwanted summer items.

Summer ending, means a total cleanse of your wardrobes. This is the perfect time to clear-out and prep for Autumn. Autumn is by far my favourite season to shop for so this is always my favourite time of year. The September edition of Vogue is the most biggest and most important, so that for me is always a indication we need a wardrobe refresh.

Unpacking washing from holiday is everyones worst part of the holiday return but if you have in the back of your mind that it is also the perfect time to make changes to your wardrobe and plan for new items for you and the kids then it may make it slightly less easier. Knowing that your wardrobe is going to look fresh and given a new lease of life.

So in some simple steps, after your holidays are over and the washing has been done, before the term starts follow these simple steps.

1. Take your holiday washing and split it into the relevant family member piles.

2. I would always now take the whole washing pile into the biggest space in your home to sort. When trying to sort clothes in a tiny washing room or area it is always way too claustrophobic. You have a big job so use. A big space.

3. Take all the washing to the biggest part of your home and sort through it with these questions in mind:

• did It get worn this last holiday?

•will it get worn next summer ?

•will it fit next summer ?!

•did I feel amazing in it or look amazing in it ?!

• how djd the photos of me in it make me feel?!

If the answers from all of these are negative then don’t put it back into your wardrobe. Keeping hold of clothes that didn’t make us feel great or that we know didn’t fit well or are tatty now need to be donated. Don’t put negative clothes back into your soon-to-be, lovely clean and clear wardrobes.

Don’t put clothes you know won’t get worn next Summer back into the wardrobes, it is a total waste of time and space. Clear it now. Don’t wait.

4. Now, you should have piles of what is staying and what is going.

5. Take the clothes that are staying into the bedroom and put them to one side.

6. Start going through every drawer and cupboard and see what else you can clear that won’t get worn.

Of course there may be a few sunny days here and there but keep the very best out. Items that are purely for holiday should not be in your main wardrobe taking up space. They need to be put elsewhere, if possible.

7. Now your wardrobe is clear of summer you should have more space.

8. Re- hang, re-fold all your autumn/winter. Make sure your hangers are a) all the same b) facing the same way.

Heaviest/darkest/longest hung from the right to lightest on the left. Or vice- versa, depending on what hand you are.

Clearing out your summer wardrobe is essential if you plan on buying more for autumn/winter.

It will also mentally prepare you for a new season and a new you.

Opening your wardrobes to clothes we LOVE and feel great in is always what we should be doing.

If your clothes make you feel anything less than amazing, they don’t belong.

The way we dress affects our mood more than you may realise. Opening our wardrobes is one if the first things we do each day. So if we are opening them to chaos then that is how our day begins in our mind.

Start your day organised. Or at least let your wardrobes and clothes situation be one headache you can easily change.

Simple changes, big results. Need help?! Can’t face it alone?! Book in!

Happy decluttering !!!