Now this information may or not be helpful if you have already packed up your home… but if you haven’t as yet then you need to listen because, hopefully, it will help.

Even if you are moving back into a home or planning a move, then it is not too late to have a good sort out. It is never too late to clear out. Never! But… we want to try and move with the bare minimum.

The number 1 problem when moving is that we leave it all to the last minute or just pay removals to do it, so nothing really gets sorted to the level it should prior to your move. Unless we are downsizing, we rarely declutter like we should.

An additional problem with moving is our reason (or reasons) for moving.

Maybe you are having to downsize for financial reasons, maybe you are dealing with loss, poor health or disability. Maybe the reasons you are moving are not positive, so this can have a huge impact on the way we feel about our home, old or new. These reasons can either help or hinder our move.

How we can prevent it from being too stressful when we do finally start putting items back into our new cupboards? By following these guidelines:

1. Dedicate at least one weekend to just your home. It’s 2 days’ organisation now or a future of more chaos.

2. Start with your bedroom. Why? Because this is your sanctuary. Our bedrooms have to be clear, calm and chaos-free. If you have piles of clothes in your room, paperwork, boxes and bags, this is not good. Opening wardrobes to overspilling clothes is never pleasant, so decluttering your clothes is the first move. Wardrobes and chests of drawers are usually the most cluttered places in our home, and moving house with clothes we don’t need is absolutely POINTLESS.


  • Did I wear it in the previous season?

  • Does it make me happy?

  • Does it fit NOW? If NO, then get rid of it. DONATE DONATE DONATE. If you are waiting till you lose weight, DON’T. When you lose weight, you will buy new clothes because you feel so good. You won’t want old clothes. Start your wardrobe fresh with only the things you love and that make you feel good. Do not take negative clothing to your lovely new home.

3. Next, kitchen. The second most important room in the home.

  • Appliances – do you really need them ALL? When did you last use them? If you have not used it in the last 6 months/a year then DONATE/SELL.

  • Cutlery – go through all the cutlery and utensils drawers, DONATE everything you don’t need. Keep the essentials only. You only need 2 sets of cutlery unless you have a very large family. Get rid of all the odds and sods. Anything old/worn/tatty/burnt: OUT.

  • Ceramics – I would only keep sets where possible. If it is odd, DONATE. If it is chipped, DONATE. Do not keep china for best in the same place as your main cupboards unless you really have to, and only keep wedding gift/expensive china.  MINIMISE your ceramics by half by getting rid of the odds.

  • Pots and pans – these should be in sets. Again, anything broken/damaged/too tatty, get rid of. You do not need hundreds of sets. You just need one, unless you’re a chef and maybe use a variety. But we generally always use the same few. Minimise and then OUT with the rest.

  • Food – check the dates on everything. Anything out of date needs to go.

  • Furniture – Will it suit your new home? You need to visualise your new home and picture what will work. Don’t just take furniture for the sake of it. What works in one home doesn’t always work in another. Remember: new home, new start. This is your chance to start again and create the home you really want. If this piece of furniture doesn’t fit that train of thought then: OUT.

The most important thing when moving is not just to box things up with no care. What you think you will sort out the other end, you won’t, or maybe you will but not immediately. You will be too tired from the move to spend hours unpacking everything neatly. You will convince yourself you will do it next week… and next week becomes next year and your cupboards end up getting piled up with things that, actually, you didn’t ever really need.

So, be ruthless now. This is your new start, a new page, a newly organised, clear and clutter-free home from day one. Don’t move the clutter from the old to the new.


Can’t face doing this alone? Get in touch today. Let me be the support you need to do it quickly and get your organised.

Happy decluttering!